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Insightful Miner is a highly scalable data mining and analysis workbench that gives new analysts and skilled modelers the ability to deploy predictive intelligence throughout the enterprise. Insightful Miner 3 increases support for large data environments with new versions for Windows and Solaris servers and adds many new features that allow data analysts and data miners to easily build and deploy analytic applications that boost product performance and improve the efficiency of critical business processes.
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Insightful Miner 3 Deploys Predictive Applications to Non-technical Users and Scales Many Legacy S-PLUS Models to Large Data Sets
«We use Insightful Miner to extend sophisticated portfolio analysis capabilities to our less technical decision makers… Insightful Miner 3 lets us leverage our custom methods developed in S-PLUS and its visual workmap interface makes it easy to share these techniques with those who must perform the analysis, but don’t necessarily need to learn how to program.”
William Alexander
Sr. VP of Consumer Deposit Risk Management
Bank of America

Insightful Miner Turns the Complex and Rigorous Into Easy and Sharable
“Insightful Miner fits our knowledge discovery needs very well. It easily handles very large data sets and its intuitive, self-documenting interface makes the entire analysis process more efficient. Approaching analysis from multiple perspectives using Insightful’s suite of statistical tools makes our inferences more reliable.»
Dr. Drew Griffin Levy
Director, Exploratory Data Analysis

Key Benefits

Build powerful predictive models without programming
Wire components together to form self-documenting workflows, then quickly build and evaluate multiple models to choose the best.

Full support for every step of the data mining and analysis process
Explore and model large data sets with tightly integrated components that handle all your data preparation, modeling, assessment and deployment needs.

Data mining software that adapts to your changing needs
The comprehensive feature set handles most data mining problems right out of the box. But unlike rigid, pre-made analytic applications, Insightful Miner can be customized to meet specific business needs by tuning built-in algorithms or adding custom components tailored to the task at hand.

Deploy results easily into your organization
A wide variety of deployment options fit the needs of every organization. From publishing Web-ready graphics and reports to decision makers, to scoring large data sets via batch processes or integrating C code generated from predictive models into other analytic applications.

Statistical analysis software: S-Plus

INSIGHTFUL S-PLUS®S-PLUS software is the premier solution for exploratory data modeling and statistical analysis. With over 4,200 data analysis functions, including the most comprehensive set of robust and modern methods available anywhere, S-PLUS allows you to perform more insightful analyses, create revealing graphics and make more informed business decisions.With point-and-click ease, you can import your data, select your statistical functions and display your results. Powerful techniques are at your fingertips. When your analysis requires a new method or approach, you can modify existing methods or develop new ones with the award-winning S programming language. With
S-PLUS Professional, it is easy to examine and visually explore data, run functions one step at a time, and visually compare models for fit. 

«S-PLUS allows us to meet and exceed all of the CFR requirements for electronic documentation as well as QC tracking. The software provides a complete document trail for all of the statistical routines we run on clinical data. In addition, S-PLUS is robust enough to use for every high-density microarray analyses, population study, medical imaging and other data-rich mining we do daily at Tgen.»
Phillip Stafford
Director of Biostatistics
Translational Genomics Research Institute

«We selected S-PLUS software after an extensive review of competitive products because it was the best decision support tool available. S-PLUS provided us with a powerful data analysis tool for sophisticated and precise analysis of manufacturing data to reduce our production risks, improve chip yields and enhance profitability.»
Andy Black
Intersil Corporation

Key Benefits

Available on Windows and UNIX platforms
Outstanding graphics
Easy-to-learn and use
Easy data access
Comprehensive statistics
Easy integration with Excel
S Programming Language
Interactive Graphics – Graphlets
Integrates with Insightful Miner to scale to massive datasets